From Workplace Accidents to Health & Well-being: How Technology Can Reduce Health & Safety Risks

The remit of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) organizations has progressed from preventing physical injuries and accidents to ensuring the overall well-being of individuals – including psychological injuries and mental health. Modern organizations have a duty of care to not only protect employees but to also focus on keeping them healthy and safe.

In this on-demand webinar, SAI Global's Christine Adeline, VP Product Management for EHS Risk, uncovers how technology and data can be used to proactively keep workers safe, well, and productive by increasing employee engagement on wider health and safety matters and empowering employees to speak up.

This includes:

  • Technology for advanced and proactive safety management
  • Creating a Health & Safety culture that focuses on the whole human, with learning content to educate employees
  • Leveraging data for immediate insights and hot spots for remediation




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