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This Week in Compliance and Ethics: February 24 – March 9, 2018



Every month, SAI Global's ethics and compliance team hand-picks articles and content from different online publications and shares them on our blog. Here are some of our favorite ethics, compliance, culture, and risk stories from February and March 2018.


Stories about ethics, compliance, culture, and risk

Celebrating International Women's Day: Remarkable Women on the Front Lines of Exploration

On Forbes, Jean Case, Chairman of the National Geographic Society, celebrates the women who have been instrumental to National Geographic's history by reflecting on the accomplishments of Eliza Scidmore, the magazine's first female editor, photographer, and board member. 

For International Women's Day, Mattel also rolled out a new line of Barbie dolls created to inspire young girls with a diverse cast of influential and iconic female role models that come with educational information about the contributions each made to society and history. Read about it on CNN or hear about it on NPR Radio

New York City May Require Businesses to Conduct Sexual Harassment Training

In response to the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, a new proposal is currently being considered by the City Council of New York to require all businesses with at least 15 people to conduct training to prevent sexual harassment. If the 11 bills in this proposal become law, New York City would join Maine and California as states that mandate training on this topic. To read more about this story by J. David Goodman, visit The New York Times website

The Department of Justice Announces Expansion of Self-Disclosure-Based Leniency Principles to All Corporate Cases

A new article published in the National Law Review details the significant new announcement from the DOJ regarding voluntary self-disclosure and cooperation in corporate criminal cases. This decision, announced at the ABA's 2018 National Institute on White Collar Crime, is a continuation of policies and principles set in motion by the DOJ's Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Corporate Enforcement Policy. 

Meet the Dallas Mavericks' New CEO

In the last edition of T.W.I.C.E. we shared a story about the corrosive workplace culture inside the Dallas Mavericks organization. This week, the NBA team has named a new interim CEO, Cynthia Marshall, to salvage the team's culture and reputation. Her plan includes conducting an internal investigation of what happened, formulating a plan to transform the culture, and putting systems in place to handle the reporting of employee complaints. Learn more about Cynthia Marshall's plans for the Dallas Mavericks in Caroline Clarke's profile of her in Black Enterprise.

ESPN Sued Over Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Allegations

According to a report in Forbes, a former legal analyst at ESPN is suing the sports entertainment network for sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. In the suit, Adrienne Lawrence claims that she was retaliated against and ultimately lost her job because she reported prominent personalities within the organization to HR for quid pro quo sexual harassment. 

Embrace Inclusion to Advance Diversity

Judy Marks, President at Otis Elevator Co., used LinkedIn Pulse as a platform to shed some light on the importance of diversity and inclusion in organizations and what she's done over the years to emphasize this in their approach to recruiting talent. Read her story for practical guidance on how your organization can take strides in the right direction when it comes to supporting diversity and inclusion. 

How One Bad Employee Can Corrupt a Whole Team

Can fraudulent, dishonest, and unethical behavior be contagious among employees? New research from Stephen Dimmock and William C. Gerken, shared in the Harvard Business Review, shows that its "easier to learn bad behavior than good." In the story, they discuss how a closely knit network of employees can lead to more misconduct and the role managers can play in preventing this from happening. 


In case you missed it on our blog 

Guest Blog Post: Five Ways Ethics & Compliance and Diversity & Inclusion Practitioners Can Work Together to Solve Workplace Inequality

Caterina Bulgarella, a culture and ethics architect, details the opportunities available for ethics and compliance professionals to become more involved in diversity and inclusion initiatives, and how that work can help support an ethical culture. In the guest blog post, she details five ways these two roles can collaborate to solve a shared problem. 

Reflecting on International Women's Day with the Ethics and Compliance Community

Rebecca Turco, SAI Global's VP of Learning, shares some of the insights and stories from twelve women who have participated in our Six Questions interview series over the last six months. These leaders and champions of integrity are all doing their part to embed ethical decision making and cultures in their organizations and are actively shaping the future of ethics and compliance. 

Thanks for reading This Week in Compliance and Ethics from SAI Global. If you're interested in reading more about the world of ethics, compliance, culture, and risk, visit our blog