Risk Management: 9 Months into Covid-19

Risk management and where companies need to be heading into 2021.

In this podcast, James Green follows up on a conversation he had with Thomas Fox, FCPA Compliance & Ethics and “The Voice of Compliance,” on risk management now that we’re nine months into the Coronavirus health crisis. They discuss new risks that have emerged and how companies need to think about business continuity moving forward – moving from tactical crisis response to thinking about long-term strategies, including managing risks with a remote workforce and internal controls.

Key takeaways:

  • Many organizations now realize that business continuity is not just an audit function or telling people what they can't do. It's really about how to remain viable and stay in business, regardless of what happens next.
  • Business continuity has broken into the C-suite with high-level executives (CEOs, COOs and General Counsel) now focused on it as a risk management function.
  • The U.S. workplace as we know it is changing. As we look towards 2021 and the future, companies are planning for long-term work from home or permanent work from home.



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