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Big Adjustments To Structural Steel Standard AS/NZS 4600

Major Steel Standard AS/NZS 4600, Cold-formed steel structures is now available for sale at SAI Global following a massive update.

AS/NZS 4600:2018, Cold-formed steel structures has been published following extensive consultation with stakeholders across Australia and New Zealand.

The new edition has substantial changes compared with the 2005 edition. Professor Greg Hancock, Chairman of the Technical Committee responsible for the Standard stated in a Standards Australia article that “this is a world leading Standard which places Australia at the top of the list in terms of the most innovative steel consumers.”

AS/NZS 4600:2018 sets out minimum requirements for the design of structural members cold-formed to shape from carbon or low-alloy steel sheet, strip, plate or bar not more than 25 mm in thickness and used for load-carrying purposes in buildings. It is also applicable for structures other than buildings, provided appropriate allowances are made for dynamic effects.

Major changes include:

  • Section 7 'Direct Strength Method (DSM) of design' includes sections with holes, inelastic reserve capacity, shear and combined actions, and a wider range of pre-qualified sections.
  • Section 8 'Testing' has been updated to align with the National Construction Code.
  • New Section 9 'Fire' includes design requirements for fire protected members at
    elevated temperatures.
  • New Appendix B 'Methods of Structural Analysis' includes first order, second order and advanced structural analysis.
  • Appendix D 'Buckling Stresses' includes requirements for all elastic buckling for local, distortional and flexural-torsional modes
  • Section 5.3 'Power Actuated Fasteners (PAFs)' includes requirements for PAFs in tension and shear.
  • Revised Section 5 'Connections' includes new requirements for block shear rupture and net section tension and for screw connections under combined shear and tension.

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Source: Standards Australia, Steel Standard making an impact everyday, Accessed 18 May 2018.