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3 Microlearning Formats that Combat Screen Fatigue

Bite-size training modules, interactivity and gamification are techniques to help employees remember the ethics and compliance online material that they just learned.

E&C professionals report that the vast majority of ethics and compliance training is now consumed on computers at desks in offices. But how, in the era of Zoom fatigue, do you keep online learners attentive and engaged?

Microlearning formats help employees retain the E&C content that they just learned.

Don’t turn online ethics and compliance training into a mechanical tick-the-box exercise by forcing employees to sit through stale, passive learning modules. Instead, deliver training in small chunks strategically targeted to high-context internal and external risks. Shorter formats play well to oversaturated attention spans. They also give learners more time to process and operationalize the lessons.

SAI360 has developed and tested a variety of microlearning formats as part of our Ethics and Compliance Learning programs that allow you to deliver training to your employees in the manner that they learn best. Here are few that are particularly effective.

Explainer videos

Brief, topic-specific videos serve as low-threshold learning opportunities and refreshers in between more comprehensive manager-led team meetings or facilitated workshops. Not every training module has to take up a big block of 30 or 60 minutes—micro refreshers can have a big impact.

Blindspot quizzes

During online training, phases of passive information intake should be supplemented by interactive phases that require learners to make decisions. Engaging quizzes on select high-context topics are a great way to gamify your E&C training program. Quizzes typically have several difficulty levels and employ a reward system. Correct answers earn points for learners, while wrong answers prompt them to repeat the current difficulty level or return to the beginning of the quiz. 

Multi-risk simulations

Give employees a chance to apply newly-acquired theoretical knowledge by incorporating scenarios adapted to their real-life roles, workflows, and tasks. During simulations, learners take on the role of an employee or manager and must demonstrate ethical behavior in numerous situations involving risk areas such as data protection, vendor bids, team performance or corruption.  The world is not black and white, so scenarios should introduce dilemmas in which there is no clearly defined wrong or right path.

SAI360 has developed a variety of microlearning training modules that can serve as building blocks of highly effective online E&C training programs. Modularity, variety, entertainment, and interaction are at the forefront of our approach. 

Take a look for yourself by testing our learning formats in key risk areas including anti-bribery, code of conduct, and conflicts of interest.  


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