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What’s New in SAI360’s June 2024 Launch? 

SAI360 is proud to announce its June 2024 Product Release, which introduces pivotal enhancements to our products. This news exemplifies our history of continuous innovation, highlighted by our previous updates like the October 2023 launch powered by artificial intelligence and learning in the flow of work. Here is a sampling of just a few new updates shaping the future of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), enhancing our capability to manage the evolving landscape of risk effectively. 

Key Enhancements in SAI360’s June 2024 Release

SAI360 GRC Spring 2024 Updates

Microsoft 365 Integration 

In our increasingly digital age, seamless workflows matter. We recognize that many organizations now seek to streamline their processes and enhance user experience by leveraging familiar tools within their GRC systems.  

SAI360’s integration of Microsoft 365 into our GRC platform sets us apart by providing deep, seamless interaction that enhances productivity, ensures compliance, and secures collaboration across the board. 

Users can now seamlessly open, view, edit, and save Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word documents directly within the GRC modules. This integration facilitates better version control and improves collaboration by allowing team members to access and modify documents without leaving the SAI360 platform. 

Harnessing AI and Anti-Harassment Training to Address Modern Workplace Challenges 

Ethical integrity remains critical for organizations. Our latest update introduces crucial courses such as “Acting Responsibly with Generative AI” and significant updates to our “Anti-Harassment & Discrimination” courses.  

These enhancements ensure SAI360’s training solutions address compliance needs and respond to the cultural and ethical challenges of modern work environments.  

By integrating advanced AI into our training modules, we provide impactful learning experiences that resonate globally and promote a culture of ethical integrity. 

Empowering Organizations with Advanced Analytics and Customizable Training Solutions 

Training programs demand new means of assessment to ensure their effectiveness. Our new “Performance Dashboards” and “Granular Course Question Analysis” allow organizations to precisely measure and enhance the effectiveness of their training programs.  

Additionally, the “Revamped Editor 2.0” features AI translation capabilities and supports real-time performance reporting. This enables businesses to easily customize content to suit diverse local needs and regulatory environments. This way, they can better optimize both compliance and performance. 

Enhancing User Experience and Accessibility in E-Learning Platforms 

Lastly, our GLE Course Player has received significant updates, including a new standalone confidence question to honestly assess learner confidence before and after learning, and an improved multicolumn layout, designed to make learning accessible and engaging for all users.  

These updates are part of our broader strategy to enhance educational outcomes and user engagement through thoughtful design and innovative functionality, making our training solutions comprehensive and universally accessible. 

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