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Watch IT Risk: From Vulnerability to Resilience Webinar

IT Governance, Risk and Compliance involves cybersecurity, data privacy, data protection, and information security regulations. And it needs a proactive plan to be successful.

Watch our webinar for a practical IT risk and cybersecurity discussion with industry experts as they cover the landscape and provide valuable and essential topics and guidance on:

  • Better visibility of how your IT assets work with your business processes, how they would handle breaches, and evolving regulations
  • Better assessment of risks, vulnerabilities, prioritization by business impact and quantification
  • Better transparency for your stakeholders including ESG disclosures

In this webinar hosted by Thought Leader Global, in partnership with SAI360, our corporate panel discusses:

  • The evolving threat landscape and current developments
  • Securing stakeholder trust by pre-empting disruptions
  • What does responsive IT security look like?

Corporate panelists

  • Marco Bachmann, Audit Director – IT Center of Excellence, Zurich
  • Pierlaurent Barbieri, CFO, Agricoolturs
  • Jeff Schiemann, Chief Information Security Officer, SEBA Bank AG
  • Frederic Virmont, Information Protection and Security Officer, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Nick Bruno, Chief Information Security Officer, SAI360
  • Chika Okoli, GRC Technology Manager, SAI360

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