Watch Tech In Action: New SEC Climate Disclosure Requirements You Should Know

Kelvin Dickenson
Kelvin Dickenson


Kelvin Dickenson
James Walsh, SAI360
James Walsh

Senior Director Product Marketing

James Walsh

SEC disclosure requirements for Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) are coming. Is your organization prepared to report on climate change?

The SEC’s new rules require U.S. public companies to disclose climate-related risks and impacts, including the greenhouse gas emissions they are directly responsible for, as well as emissions from their supply chains and products.

During this 30-minute webinar, Kelvin Dickenson and Jamie Walsh from SAI360 detail the SEC disclosure requirements and how they will affect your company and why you should integrate reporting information into your organization’s internal control program.

During the webinar you will learn:

  • Keys to operationalize your ESG program
  • The importance of a real-time view of your ESG risk
  • What the SEC regulations mean for your organization

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