Watch Creating an ESG Materiality Assessment

Your stakeholders are increasingly inquiring about what your company is doing in terms of Environmental Social Governance (ESG), which encompasses ethical and responsible business practices, third party relationships, sustainability, employee wellbeing and more.

An ESG Materiality Assessment will equip you to identify your most critical ESG issues based on potential impact to your organization and to your stakeholders. In addition to highlighting risks, the assessment can also help you identify opportunities.

In this webinar, hosted by Thought Leader Global, the corporate panel discusses:

  • Why you need an ESG Materiality Assessment: How it becomes a blueprint and business case for your group’s ESG strategy
  • Defining the goals of the assessment, the outcomes and including your organization’s corporate and ESG leadership
  • Identifying the most important risks and opportunities for your organization and ranking them by relative importance
  • Identifying a range of stakeholders (board, investors, employees, vendors, NGOs, etc.) and interviewing them to gain insights and tailor your communication strategy
  • Capturing long-term risks in advance and taking a proactive approach within your ESG strategy

Corporate panelists

  • Casper Venbjerg Hansen, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, Ambu
  • Carl Messemaeckers van de Graaff, Executive Director, Governance, Risk and Good Business, Vanderlande
  • Cesar Souza, Group Audit Chief Operating Officer, Zurich
  • Camelia Gardot, Senior Compliance Partner – Head of Connected Intelligence, Airbus
  • Jamie Walsh, Senior Director Product Marketing, SAI360

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