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Watch Evidencing Compliance Program Effectiveness

Compliance program effectiveness is not demonstrated in checklists, in the results of ongoing compliance monitoring or by performing gap analyses. These are all process reviews that result in outputs that lend themselves to quantifiable metrics. However, as useful as these steps are, they’re only the first stage in assessing effectiveness. The focus must be on the outcome and value created by the process that provides the desired evidence.

The challenge is how to provide evidence that the compliance program is being effective in reducing unwanted events or circumstances that could give rise to liabilities (enforcement penalties, tort actions, adverse media reports, etc.). It is possible to do; however, it is not easy.

In this on-demand webinar, Former DHHS Inspector General Richard Kusserow explains how it can be done:

  • How to define program effectiveness
  • Answers to questions on evidencing effectiveness
  • Understanding output vs. outcome evidence
  • Contrasting outputs and outcomes by program elements
  • The challenge of using metrics to evidence effectiveness
  • Evidence from ongoing monitoring and auditing
  • Common questions concerning demonstrating effectiveness
  • Recognized methods to evidence Compliance Program Effectiveness

Richard P. Kusserow served as the DHHS Inspector General for 11 years and is the CEO of Strategic Management Services, providing healthcare compliance advisory services.  He possesses unique expertise involving compliance program development, management, evaluation and enhancements. Under his leadership, Strategic Management has provided consulting assistance to over 3,000 healthcare organizations and entities.

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