Watch Training in Action – InfoSec: Why Does it Matter to You and Your Organization?

Michelle Hubchen


Nicholas Bruno


Are you mindful of cybersecurity in day-to-day situations?

Cybersecurity awareness training isn’t just applicable during working hours when you are using your company laptop and email. It can benefit your non-work life as well. And by sharing safety tips with your friends and family, practicing cybersecurity can become as widespread and routine as wearing a seatbelt or locking your doors at night.

Cybersecurity Awareness

Whether it’s surfing the web, checking emails, or interacting online, it’s important to build a culture of safety at home to  increase awareness and decrease incidents. Cyber-attackers are finding new ways to reach sensitive data with:

  • Phishing scams
  • Strange phone calls
  • Fake QR codes
  • Spam

The concepts and lessons cybersecurity awareness trainings provide are simple to apply in everyday life and can protect your information, as well as your company’s information.

Join Michelle Hubchen, Director of Learning Innovation, and Nicholas Bruno, Chief Information Security Officer at SAI360, for a detailed 20-minute presentation showcasing tools that can help reduce cybersecurity risk.

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