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Watch Maximize your ESG potential by embracing the new regulatory landscape

Paula Davis, Founder & DirectorWaypoint GRC
Paula Davis

Founder and Director, Waypoint GRC

Paula Davis
Christine Brown

VP, Learning Product, SAI360

Susan du Becker, Microsoft
Susan du Becker

Microsoft, Director Risk & Resiliency

Susan du Becker

Many organizations find that implementing a comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) program yields benefits beyond merely providing information to institutional investors. A strong ESG program can serve to attract top talent, gain the confidence of customers, and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

To fully embrace ESG as a key component of doing business, ESG programs need to measure and disclose meaningful, standardized metrics on their performance to retain the trust of stakeholders. However, in the constantly evolving and intricate world of ESG, it can be challenging to stay informed about relevant regulations and determine what reporting is necessary to demonstrate the effectiveness of the program.

Presented in cooperation with the International Compliance Association (ICA), our leading compliance and legal experts will:

  • provide an overview of the dynamic and complex regulatory landscape surrounding ESG
  • explain how the concept of double materiality can create the starting point of your ESG journey by clarifying what to report
  • showcase practical steps you can take now to embrace ESG without reinventing the wheel
  • outline how you can bring policies to life with employee training and internal communication strategies to positively impact your company culture and drive long-term behavioral change

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