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SAI360 Recognized with Silver Brandon Hall Award  

The Brandon Hall Group recently announced that SAI360 has received a Silver Award in the Unique Learning Technology category for its entry “Measuring Risk: A Confidence-based Approach.” This is the fourth compliance training award from the Brandon Hall Group received this year by SAI360, a leading provider of ethics and compliance learning and technology solutions for environment, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) and governance, risk, compliance (GRC).

The award-winning entry focused on SAI360’s innovative “Know Your Risk” learning model, which was developed to bridge the gap between employee training outcomes and the impact on the organization’s compliance risk.

The compliance training model features three core components, which work in tandem:

  1. Engaging, learning-objective driven training courses
  2. Confidence-based assessments before and after training that measure learner know-how and their confidence in what they know
  3. Course analytics dashboard which visualizes an organization’s risk profile and demonstrates the change in performance, confidence, and risk after training

“The star of the Know Your Risk learning model is the confidence-based assessment,” explains Jennifer Farthing, EdD, Senior Vice President of Learning. “We know that overly confident learners who answer questions incorrectly represent a high risk to an organization. Likewise, those who answer correctly and confidently represent lower risk. The Course Analytics Dashboard seamlessly visualizes extensive data collected throughout the training, giving E&C leaders a way to easily recognize patterns and showcase insights, such as overall risk and program effectiveness, to key stakeholders.”

Farthing says the dashboard also identifies specific learning outcomes where employees would benefit from additional training.

The Know Your Risk model has been applied to several critical compliance risk areas, including anti-bribery, anticorruption, data protection, privacy, antitrust, competition, as well as pharmaceutical industry risk areas. Our learning experience team can apply the Know Your Risk learning model to any compliance topic or risk area.

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