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New Report Reveals Trends in Ethics and Compliance Training

New report shows trend toward video for ethics and compliance trainingChange is inevitable, but it’s been especially dramatic over the past three years. Our 2022 Global Insights report, Evolving Ethics and Compliance Training Program Practices, examines what’s changed since our 2019 survey that was completed just before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

The new survey reveals areas of impressive growth, some familiar challenges, and a few new risks. One overwhelmingly positive message stands out: 70% of 2022 participants agreed that their E&C training program is successfully changing employee behaviors.


Overall, the 2022 survey responses highlight three major trends:

  • Increased attention to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) as a driver for ethics and compliance training programs
  • A demand for data and tools to demonstrate program effectiveness
  • Rapid growth in third-party compliance training for due diligence

How ethics and compliance training has changed over time

The report looks not only where we are today, but also at how the industry has adapted to the challenges we’ve all faced since the 2019 survey. Here are five findings:

  1. All participants shared one successful outcome: managing risks more effectively. Significant strides were made in achieving business goals over the last three years, along with large gains in preventing and reducing misconduct, creating a more positive work culture, and minimizing exposure to third-party risks.
  2. The ability to generate meaningful program effectiveness data was a big win in 2022—showing a large gain over 2020.
  3. Training increased: The average number of hours of training per year increased, as did role-specific training for managers and third-party training.
  4. Video leapt into the lead of tools supporting compliance training programs. It’s mirrored in the HR space with a trend toward use of video for recruitment.
  5. 2020’s high aspirations for using new tools, like games and simulations, didn’t pan out; overall tool usage has declined since 2019.

The data in the report, combined with our SAI360 insights, provide current perspectives that may not only impact your E&C plans—it may help you shape your organization’s culture. You can use the report as a tool to help improve organizational performance by:

  • Adjusting resource allocations
  • Pinpointing areas for improvement
  • Identifying and tackling new risks/challenges
  • Operating with a more risk-conscious mindset
  • Building stronger, more productive teams

To learn more about the findings in the Evolving Ethics and Compliance Training Program Practices report, watch the full on-demand webinar or download the full report.

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