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New Course Customizer Puts You in Control

Discover Customizer for edit control of your training curriculum. Have you ever wanted to quickly make changes to your training curriculum when a new regulation comes into effect? Or there’s a change in company branding? Now you can. It’s perfect when you’re in a hurry to get something out the door quickly and just want to make a quick change that doesn’t require reviews and approvals.

We’ve heard your requests for more flexibility and we’re happy to share that the time to flex your mindpower is now. We’ve rebuilt the SAI360 Course Customizer from the ground up to make your job easier. Now you can make changes yourself using intuitive tools to:

  • Easily manage navigation, controls, and features
  • Add text and images
  • Move pages anywhere in the course
  • Create a media library to store all your files in a central location
  • Deliver instant updates to learners
  • Access and edit translations in the same session
  • Export full SCORM packages

“We built the new Customizer in response to customer demand for a smarter, faster tool that gives customers the ability to make changes themselves,” according to Shipra Palriwala, Director, Product Management. The new interface and tools embedded in Customizer are complete game-changers, and we’re committed to debuting even more enhancements in the next few months that will give partners even more control of their courses.”

Discover Customizer

A more efficient process for editing your training curriculum

Here’s a look at just a few ways the new Customizer will make the process more efficient:

Simple, powerful: Having the right tools at your fingertips can make a huge difference in the amount of time you spend managing, implementing, and reviewing changes, and then rolling them out to your workforce.

Branding: Let’s say your organization’s branding and color palette changes. You can change logos and colors in a few clicks:

Text and image edits: We’ve made it easier for you to make time-critical changes and even those last-minute ones. It will take your training content to the next level.

Add new content: Regulations change and new ones are being introduced more rapidly than ever before. You need the flexibility to be able to quickly add new training content that reflects these changes and add an FAQ to provide more details. Your new content can be enhanced with images from a centralized media library. Pages can also easily be moved around to ensure your training has the most impact.

Automatic changes to translations: Other learning providers treat translations as separate courses. SAI360 translations are connected to your original course content, so when you start editing, your translations are immediately available to edit as well.

Instantly live changes or export SCORM packages: Our cloud-hosted courses instantly update so learners don’t have to wait, and you have no additional work. And, if you need to keep the courses on your own LMS or server, you can easily export and upload full SCORM packages.

While Customizer gives you edit control of your training curriculum, we continue to offer a full spectrum of course development options to fit your needs.

Make sure you’re taking advantage of the full SAI360 library of ethics and compliance programs.

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