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Learning Science Strategy #4: Psychological Safety

Does the thought of workplace training stress you out? Not fun! Ever take a training course that’s full of tricky questions? That’s not very effective. Instead, let’s create a safe space for learning.



Our eLearning series does just that—along with four other concepts from Learning Science.

Learning Science Strategy #4 Psychological Safety

The best feedback is stress-free, which reminds me to talk a minute about “safe space learning.”

This is all about how the learning scenario is presented to you. We make YOU the bystander, not the doer.

Learning Science Strategy #4: Psychological SafetyThis way, you get to learn at a safe distance from the action—a psychologically safe zone—which allows you to observe without being observed, test your assumptions, and possibly change your mind… without the pressure of scoring.

Why does this matter?

Well, sometimes, when we’re put on the spot, we get distracted by the fear of making a mistake while being evaluated. This makes it harder to learn. At SAI360 Learning, we want to make it easier to learn. If you go down the wrong path in a learning activity, that’s okay, you get to try again. We also let you know why some actions might be better than others when it comes to ethical behavior.

And remember what we said about feedback? It’s not to make you feel bad. It’s to help you be better. Feedback provided in a safe learning space is easy to remember.

When you remember better, you do what’s right.

Then your behavior becomes habit, and organizations where people have ethical habits breed ethical cultures. Those are the psychologically safe spaces where we want to work.


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