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Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking: A Guide for Ethical Supply Chains

Modern slavery and human trafficking continue to exist within global supply chains across multiple industries, from technology to manufacturing. To put an end to this egregious and unacceptable practice, governments around the world are making tougher laws like the U.S. Trafficking Victims Protection Act and the UK’s Modern Slavery Act. These laws emphasize the urgent and critical need for companies to follow ethical labor practices and comply with stringent regulations.

In the ongoing fight against modern slavery and human trafficking, corporations have a critical and indispensable role to play. By increasing oversight of their supply chains, providing comprehensive and thorough training, and implementing robust regulatory and compliance strategies, businesses can help create a more ethical and just global economy. This whitepaper reviews recent regulatory actions, as well as specific and actionable steps companies can follow to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking.

It is essential for businesses to recognize the importance of adhering to these laws and regulations. Ethical practices not only protect vulnerable workers but also enhance the reputation and integrity of companies in the eyes of consumers and stakeholders. Companies that commit to ethical labor practices set a positive example and contribute to a broader movement toward social responsibility.

Furthermore, this whitepaper provides valuable insights and practical guidance for businesses looking to improve their compliance strategies. It outlines key areas where companies can make a difference, such as through rigorous supply chain audits, employee education programs, and partnerships with organizations dedicated to eradicating modern slavery.

Download the whitepaper to learn more about how your company can contribute to the fight against modern slavery and human trafficking. By taking proactive steps and implementing effective strategies, businesses can play a significant role in creating a fairer and more ethical global economy.

Download the whitepaper:

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