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What’s New: SAI360 EHS&S Release 2023.1, with more capabilities for managing carbon emissions and psychosocial risks

More than ever, the focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Sustainability issues related to supply chain sustainability, environmental impact and employee safety are ever-increasing. And with regulations like CSRD and SEC, companies are increasingly required to disclose ESG performance using auditable financial grade data.

The EHS function is pivotal in managing effective and successful EHS, ESG, and Sustainability programs and providing data to incorporate in ESG disclosure reports. Criteria such as emissions, energy consumption, environmental incidents, employee safety, injury rates, policy and documentation, and compliance are across many ESG frameworks. Improvements to SAI360’s Metrics Management will ease businesses’ administrative burden and cost to provide the data required for ESG Disclosure Reporting across any framework or regulation.

There is also a growing push to promote and report on well-being at work by better managing psychosocial risks. SAI360’s new module to manage psychosocial events will provide insights to help EHS professionals understand where controls have failed and require action.

The latest release of SAI360’s EHS&S software offers businesses, and EHS functions innovative ways and tools to operate more efficiently and deliver sustainable growth and societal value through ESG.

Metrics Management Improvements to Support ESG Disclosure Reporting

SAI360 Metrics Management introduces the ability to link multiple framework requirements to metrics to ease data capture and reporting against all ESG Reporting Frameworks (e.g., GRI, TCFD, etc.). ESG regulations and frameworks are evolving. The module is framework agnostic so customers can add any current or future reporting framework – either manually or through a data import.

Companies can collect qualitative and quantitative metrics once for the exact requirement across various frameworks. In addition, users can view collected data in the context or structure of any given reporting framework, ensuring consistency and greater efficiency.

EHS&S layered dashboards

Up-to-date Emission Factors for Carbon Accounting Automation

New functionality to automate the provision of Emission Factors into the Emissions Management module will help businesses eliminate costly and time-consuming factors sourcing. Through our partnership with DitchCarbon, GHG Emission Factors will feed directly into the Emissions Management module via an API.

The API will intelligently provide a library of GHG Emission Factors based on the customers’ emission sources and locations. As a result, customers can reference the correct Emission Factors to calculate Carbon Emissions with a guarantee that these will be automatically updated and have the correct validity periods so that customers are always audit-ready.

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New Module to Manage Psychosocial Events

SAI360’s Psychosocial Events Management module enables organizations to record and investigate psychosocial incidents or complaints with the utmost security and confidentiality.

Data-driven management of psychosocial risks within the workplace is a top priority for many organizations. It also shows that companies care about their employees’ health and well-being.

Our new Psychosocial Events Management module:

  • Allows businesses to report and investigate psychosocial incidents. It also provides insights into where controls need to be improved.
  • It protects workers’ confidentiality and gives workers confidence in the process and the willingness to seek support without worrying about repercussions or jeopardy. As a result, this will provide the organization with the information needed to take a targeted approach to prevent psychosocial events.
  • Provides auditable records to regulators and reduce the administrative burdens of such reporting activities.

EHS&S Psychosocial Dashboard

SAI360’s EHS&S platform’s newest release provides EHS professionals with the tools and resources needed to operationalize their ESG strategies, as well as report on their efforts.

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