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What’s New: SAI360 for EHS and Operational Risk 2020.2 and Roam 5.5

The latest release of SAI360’s EHS and Operational Risk software (2020.2) and Roam mobile app (5.5) offers new and improved modules to support your organization’s health and safety needs during the pandemic and beyond, as well as improvements to make data more engaging and approachable for faster decision-making.

Modules focused on Covid-19 and Health and Safety

SAI360 for EHS: Mobile Covid-19 Checker

  • Travel Log: Supporting the safe movement of workers. The module is mobile-ready and includes a log of persons who have been in contact. If the worker does not complete their return, the system notifies their manager to ensure the workers’ safety and wellbeing.
  • Employee Engagement – Checks & Surveys: Actively engage the workforce by sending ad hoc and scheduled questionnaires to multiple workers across an organization to gauge their awareness and understanding of existing programs.
  • COVID-19 Case Management: Allows workers to check their symptoms against generally accepted indicators. If further investigation is required, the system sends automatic notifications to the person’s supervisor and the nominated health team for assignment to a case manager. The system automatically adds any recent travel from the Travel Log to aid contact tracing efforts.

All modules come with pre-defined dashboards to view performance and enable rapid response.  Dashboards include a Covid-19 Monitor, Essential Insights that combines data from the modules, and a Check and Surveys analysis dashboard.

Learn more about our COVID Essentials pack, which includes the above modules and more.


Our SAI360 for EHS and Operational Risk software 2020.2 release also introduces new mapping functionality for use in dashboards, Dashboard Maps, and forms, Form Maps.

SAI360 for EHS: Dashboard Maps

  • Dashboard Maps enables users to visualize and access information directly from an interactive map. A single Dashboard Map can display a combination of records across multiple modules such as Incidents, Audits, Safety Observations, etc., all of which can be toggled on or off. Dashboard Maps are fully configurable; administrators can define what information is overlayed on a map.
  • Form Maps, also known as Geo-Pickers, allow users to set or view the exact location of a record on a Google Map with a data entry form from a browser or our mobile application, Roam.

List view visualization

List View Visualization extends our self-service Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities by putting more power into the hands of casual users. End-users can easily undertake ad hoc analysis by instantly transforming any list of records (List Views) into a visualization to identify trends and gain insights quickly.

  • Data can be selected using simple to complex filtering, and the user can add data columns to enhance analysis and visualizations.
  • Visualizations are available in bar charts, stacked bar charts, pie charts, line charts, number tiles and map charts. Users can select fields for the X and Y axis and Series when available.



Learn more about our EHS and Operational Risk Solutions.

Or, request a demo to see this latest functionality in action and discover how SAI360 has helped organizations like yours.

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