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Watch GRC, EHS and Sustainability in Energy and Utilities: Past, Present and Future

Christine Adeline
Christine Adeline

SVP Product Management & Product Marketing - EHS&S

Christine Adeline
Sidhartha Dash

Chief Researcher at Chartis Research

Kelvin Dickenson
Kelvin Dickenson


Kelvin Dickenson

Webinar on-demand

Industries recognized for their high environment, health and safety (EHS) risks, are facing greater and more diverse hazards. While battling safety risks and regulatory change, new threats of cyberattacks, severe weather, and third-party disruption have emerged. To combat this, energy and utility organizations must prevent, detect and respond to regulatory incompliance, as well as proactively manage vendor compliance, cost and environmental concerns.

In this webinar, which is applicable for energy-related companies and energy-intensive industries of all sizes and scope, Chartis Research and SAI360 provide real-world insight to help companies navigate a complex and ever-changing regulatory landscape, operate responsibly and safely, increase resilience and be future-ready.

Chartis is a leading provider of global research and analysis for risk technology. Chartis Research analysts and advisors have decades of hands-on experience in implementing and developing risk management systems and programs for Fortune 500 companies and leading consulting houses.

Join this webinar session with Sidhartha Dash, Chief Researcher at Chartis Research, Christine Adeline, SVP of Product Management, EHS & Sustainability at SAI360, and Kelvin Dickenson, SVP of Product Management, GRC at SAI360, to learn about:

  • The top risks facing energy businesses today
  • Structural changes that have impacted the future of risk and compliance in energy sectors
  • Enhancing collaboration between operations and EHS to optimize operational risk management and process safety
  • Integration, simplicity, and visualization in governance and control
  • The role of technology in managing Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC), EHS and Sustainability

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