SAI360 EHS&S: Improving ESG and Sustainability Measurement and Disclosure

ESG and Sustainability have drawn considerable attention from stakeholders and communities. The pandemic has made ESG a top-three priority for CEOs, according to an independent analyst firm, Verdantix.

With increased pressure from investors, in particular, to accurately report on ESG programs, businesses are faced with measurement and disclosure reporting issues such as: 

  • Data transparency: Investors and stakeholders value quality, accurate and relevant data
  • Reporting and disclosure frameworks: Managing data requirements of multiple framework reporting 
  • Metrics management and target setting: Measuring what matters to understand the effectiveness of an ESG program and its impact

At SAI360, we recognize the accelerating focus on ESG and Sustainability information and data management. With the latest update of our configurable SAI360 EHS & Sustainability software solutions, we’re thrilled to announce the enhanced Sustainability Performance Metrics Management module.

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