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Independent Research Firm Names SAI360 Platform a 2023 Green Quadrant ‘Leader’

SAI360, an innovative cloud platform connecting EHS, Sustainability, GRC, ESG and Learning, announced it has been recognized once again as a ‘Leader’ in the 2023 Verdantix Green Quadrant (GQ) in EHS software. This is the fourth consecutive GQ in which the company has received high scores for its SAI360 platform and mobile app.

The Verdantix Green Quadrant provides a benchmark competitive capability analysis of digital EHS software providers. Based on its proprietary methodology, Verdantix gave SAI360 EHS high scores for its highly configurable software platform and mobile app and self-service business intelligence tools. In its report, Verdantix highlighted SAI360’s out of the box capabilities, ease of configurability, and solutions for contractor safety, EHS compliance, risk and safety management. SAI360 is the only vendor in its category that offers a platform for GRC, EHS&S, ESG and Ethics & Compliance Learning.

Solution configurability

SAI360 EHS achieved the highest score in the solution configurability category in large part due to its Designer Toolkit. This feature provides a no-code graphic user interface (UI) with drag-and-drop features, eliminating the common frustration of having to depend on a third party to address frequent and minor configurations including form configurability, role definitions, terminology and workflows.

EHS compliance, risk and hazard management

Another clear differentiator, according to Verdantix, is SAI360’s EHS compliance, risk and hazard management capabilities. The SAI360 platform provides businesses with the ability to easily digitalize their EHS program to enable proactive EHS management. This adds value by controlling costs and reducing operational risks for safer and sustainable operations. In addition, businesses can fulfill corporate social responsibility expectations and strengthen the bottom line.

SAI360’s Obligations Management module was cited in the report for its ability to provide accountability and assure users of compliance tasks completion. This module automatically generates compliance actions, notifies users, and tracks completion. Verdantix further highlighted robust functionalities across controls management, risk identification and prioritization, risk assessments and risk registers.

The following three features that help EHS managers rapidly identify and respond to areas of concern, were singled out as being particularly helpful:

  • Integrated bowtie capability – helps organizations visualize relationship between risk, threats, consequences and respective controls so it can be quickly and clearly communicated across the organization
  • Predictive safety score – indicates overall risk level determined by weighted leading and lagging indicators
  • Risk analysis reports – out of the box reports including Risk Matrix and Summary, Risk Appetite Exceedance, KRI Exceedance, Risk Distribution Heat Map and Risk Management Performance

In this year’s GQ, Verdantix introduced a new category for Control of Work.  SAI360’s Control of Work offers permits to work, hazard and risk assessment and lockout/tagout (LOTO).  SAI360’s above average score further elevates its strengths to proactively manage real-time operational risks with an integrated solution.

Contractor safety management

As in previous years, SAI360 scored high for contractor safety management. Noteworthy functionality outlined in the report included the Contractor Management module, which is used to manage contractor firm details including workers, pre-qualifications, inductions, and site entry approvals.

The module also offers a centralized view of contractor EHS records, which users can view and use to compare contractor metrics such as incident and injury rates, unsafe behaviors, and non-conformance. The ability to link to other safety modules offers additional versatility.   SAI360 customers leverage this capability to manage risk associated with third parties and supply chains, which is one of the key focus areas for ESG.

“The roles and responsibilities within EHS are evolving quickly,” shared SAI360 CEO Peter Granat, “By remaining close to our customers and listening to their pain points, we’ve expanded our EHS software to meet those growing needs.”

Granat also pointed out that SAI360 is the only recipient in this GQ that offers EHS, Sustainability, Enterprise and Operational Risk Management, combined with Learning. This is especially important when it comes to ESG, which intersects multiple departments including EHS, Sustainability, Legal, Human Resources, Training and Risk Management.

According to the Verdantix report, this “enables firms to break down silos by compounding functionality through a single provider.” [1]

“Our platform approach not only gives companies an overarching view of risk, it also provides them with a common language and single source of truth, which are major hurdles companies face as they develop their ESG strategy,” shared Granat.

In fact, ESG and Sustainability was one of several new sections introduced this year by Verdantix in their GQ, which makes sense in light of growing ESG pressure. Verdantix recognizes that EHS vendors already deliver on many core ESG competencies including environmental management. SAI360’s Metrics and Carbon Management capabilities received a higher-than-average score in the GQ, another example of the platform’s strong ESG capabilities.

“We are continually adding and refining our SAI360 platform to address ESG-related needs based on customer feedback and industry experts,” shared Granat. “Customers will not have to wait long, as more ESG solutions will be featured in the upcoming 2023 releases for SAI360.”

[1] “Verdantix, Green Quadrant: EHS Software 2023 January, 2023.

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