How to Integrate ESG Within your Organization

An essential roadmap to prepare and equip your EHS functions and managers to meet the ESG requirements and gather the right ESG data.

More than ever, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors play a key role in how stakeholders and shareholders evaluate organizations.

Companies are expected to develop and demonstrate a comprehensive ESG strategy that meets ESG regulatory requirements. It is no longer just growth and profits at all costs. Factors like inequality, social injustice, climate-related risks, and economic and public health crises have intensified the focus on ESG, thus putting pressure on the C-Suite to demonstrate and disclose their ESG performance.

ESG data requirements can present an enormous challenge. Collecting and reporting transparent, accurate, and accessible data, without the risk of greenwashing, is a top priority. The right digital-first approach can provide cross-checks for data consistency and quality.

Firms with robust EHS and sustainability processes have stronger foundations for ESG performance and disclosure reporting.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how to improve your company’s ESG report card by learning:

  • Disclosure reporting standards, frameworks and ESG ratings
  • How an integrated digital approach can help you collect and report the right ESG data
  • How to initiate ESG in your organization
  • How SAI360 helps businesses with ESG
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