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SAI360 Customer Summit 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I get to the SAI360 Customer Summit?

We are hosting our Customer Summit virtually for the first time on Hopin, a virtual event platform. It has all the benefits of physical events that people love, including main stage content, networking, and expos. Similar to a physical event, you can choose where you want to go and what you’d like to attend.

Please reference your all-access link in your email from SAI360 to enter the event. Be sure to bookmark the link/your email so you can easily enter the Customer Summit at any time.

The platform consists of four rooms, listed vertically on the left side of the window: Summit Lobby, Stages, Networking and Ask the Experts Expo Booths. In addition, there will be a chat box on the right where attendees and exhibitors may interact with each other and with the event staff.

  • Summit Lobby – In this area, you will find the complete agenda showing what is happening and where. You will also find an overview of the different Summit experiences and further details about the event.
  • Stages – Stages are where our session content happens. We have Day 1 Main Stage and Day 2 with our 4 tracks: Compliance Management (C360), Risk Management & Op Resilience, EHS, and Ethics and Compliance Learning and Day 3 with an additional track: Risk Management & Op Resilience (VRM/BCM).
  • Networking – This is where our customers can participate in 1:1 network pairing for 3 minutes.
  • Ask the Experts – This is our expo booth area where attendees can chat with product & sales managers and get technical support or learn more about specific products.

2) Do I have to stay logged on all day?

You are welcome to enjoy the Summit and come in and out of the event as your schedule permits. We recommend checking out the program in advance and adding the sessions you’d like to attend to your calendar. Most sessions will be available OnDemand post the event.

3) Are there any technical requirements?

Please make sure to download the latest version of Chrome or Firefox to guarantee the best experience. You can also test your computer connection to ensure your camera and mic work before you get on screen during networking or Ask the Experts.

4) What if I need support?

We’ve got your back! If this FAQ doesn’t answer your question, please visit our Info Booth – here you can chat with Hopin experts and SAI representatives. Prior to the event, you can email [email protected] with your inquiries and we will respond as soon as possible.

We’ve also included some troubleshooting options here:

5) Where do I watch all of the content?

When it is time for the session you want to watch, simply navigate to the Stage tab on the left side of the screen, then to your preferred track. Now, press play to start your personalized experience. Please note: If you arrive late, the session will begin when you arrive and the next session’s content will still begin promptly when it is scheduled. If you weren’t able to catch everything you wanted to see, all recordings will be available on demand after the event, be sure to look out for our email.

Note – Day 1 will have only main stage content, Day 2 and Day 3 will show the other tracks.

6) How does the Chat feature work?

Our chats are live and interactive, please be sure to introduce yourself, connect with other attendees, and ask questions about the content. Here is a breakdown of the chat areas:

  • Event Chat – Event chat allows attendees to communicate with one another throughout the whole event. If you write a message in Chat, everyone at the event can see it. Messages in Chat should be about content. If you would like to chat directly with someone, use the People tab.
  • Stage Chat – This chat is specific to whatever stage you are viewing. Be sure to toggle between the event and stage chat to see what folks are talking about throughout the event.
  • Booth Chat: Ask the Experts and expo booths will utilize this chat to connect with anyone who joins their booth and wants to communicate.

7) What is Networking?

Hopin’s approach to online networking is akin to networking chat-roulette. Matching is 100% random. That means you won’t choose who you are connected to and you’ll never meet the same person twice.

If you go to the Networking tab on the left side of the screen and click Ready, you will begin networking. This means you will join a one-on-one video call — you are randomly paired up with one person at a time via Hopin’s video chat.

To keep the conversation going, you can exchange contact information by clicking the bright blue Connect button before the timer runs out. If someone shared their contact information with you, you can find it back at the Hopin homepage. You can stop the chat at any time by clicking the Leave button at the top of the chat screen. Once the time is up (there’s a timer on screen), Hopin automatically moves you on to the next person or you can extend your conversation if you please.

8) Can I connect 1:1 with a fellow attendee?

Anywhere you are in the platform and you see an attendee name, you can click on that name to navigate to their profile to schedule a meeting or send a direct message. In our Stages and Ask the Expert expo booth area, there is a People tab that shows everyone who is in attendance, click on a name and start connecting.

9) Will content be recorded?

Yes, all of our sessions will be recorded and are available on demand on our website after the event.

10) Where’s the swag?!

What’s an SAI event without the giveaway?! This time around we added a new, fun and rewarding element:

We want to give you a chance to create your own ‘Thank you’ SnackMagic Kit. SnackMagic offers curated snack boxes delivered straight to your preferred address.

Participate in 3 of the 4 things listed below and submit by filling out our post-summit survey (look for it after the event):

  1. Visit one of our Ask the Experts Expo booths
  2. Attend at least 4 sessions over the course of the event
  3. Ask a question during one of the sessions in the live Q&A chat window
  4. Introduce yourself and where you are in the general event chat

Note – To receive your kit you will need to participate in our post-event survey and opt-in for our Thank You SnackMagic Kit.