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SAI360 Customizer

Easily customize ethics and compliance training content yourself

To empower ethics and compliance teams with more control over their training and learning content, we’ve built a new self-service customization tool. SAI360’s innovative Customizer technology is web-based, letting you easily make real-time changes to your program’s courses and supporting materials.

Easy Page Edits

  • Quickly revise titles, headers, body text, and images
  • Add required links, policies, resources, and notes
  • Completely hide pages you don’t need
  • Create new certifications and attestations
easily customize compliance content

Flexible Branding and Settings

  • Add your organization’s branding to every page
  • Choose from 16 color palettes
  • Modify page timers and Q&A volume
  • Full control over media preferences

Review, Preview, and Publish

  • Adjust text, images, resources, and links
  • See a complete log of your changes
  • Preview your new experience in real-time
  • Publish directly to the SAI360 LMS or save as a package
Customize timings and practice attempts

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