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Conflicts of Interest Ethics and Compliance Training

Conflicts of interest exist for every employee, from their personal and professional relationships to the decisions they make when they aren’t at work. In 2020, it ranks as the 2nd most pressing concern for organizations and 7th highest training priority among our community.

We’ve launched over 210 learning experiences and unique, customizable types of online training on this topic since 2017. From gift giving and client entertainment to political contributions, ethical hiring practices, and side-hustles, these risks can manifest in a variety of different ways.

Our full collection of online and offline conflicts of interest focused training for ethics and compliance teams features over 50 options. Here are five customizable online experiences at the heart of some of the world’s most effective Ethics and Compliance (E&C) programs that you can try out right now.

Conflicts of Interest Core Training

CORE TRAINING: Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest offers a flexible, customizable, learning experience comprised of five unique segments.

MEASURE: Conflicts of Interest Diagnostic

Designed to quickly capture program effectiveness data and identify red flags. Delivered before and after core training.

Giving and Receiving Gifts Training

SUPPORT: Giving and Receiving Gifts

One of our new “Ethical Tip” videos, Giving and Receiving Gifts is designed to start a conversation or refresh awareness of a specific topic important to your culture – perfect to play in a loop!

Another Day Another Dollar training to prevent conflicts of interest

SUPPORT: Another Day, Another Dollar

Our most frequently used animated video for addressing the fundamentals of Conflicts of Interest, best delivered before or after core training.

Avoid Conflicts of Interest Follow-Up Online Training

FUTURE TRAINING: Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

This short online learning experience can be the perfect alternative or future follow-up to your core training.

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