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Information Security Compliance

Safeguarding company information, securing privacy, and recognizing and avoiding cybersecurity threats are challenges of our modern digital business landscape. Phishing attacks, social engineering, and malicious efforts to hack into systems and steal proprietary information are concerns for IT teams and their ethics and compliance counterparts. We’ve seen a surge in awareness and training on this topic since COVID-19 drove organizations to adopt remote work, and in doing so, completely re-imagine their IT security infrastructure.

Securing Information and Protecting Privacy Training

Securing Information and Protecting Privacy

Used by over 60 global organizations as the heart of their InfoSec training programs.

Simple Ways to Protect Data Training

Simple Ways to Protect Data

This new 60-second animated video focused on risk awareness to share via email or intranet, before or after core training.

Protecting Company Information Training

Global Information Security: Safeguarding Company Information

This supporting experience is focused on third party InfoSec risks and protecting data outside the office.

Protecting Company Information Training

Protecting Company Information

A short-online training experience focused on intellectual property and sensitive data.

Avoiding Cyber Threats Training

Cybersecurity: Recognizing and Avoiding Cyber Threats

This short video-centric training experience focuses on workplace scenarios around email risks.

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