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Planning Covid Return to Work


Plan carefully – Understand your risks, worker exposure and prepare your facilities

Risk Management

  • Review and visualize your existing risks along with new risks, identify and plan control implementations.
  • Schedule control verification activities to check the effectiveness of new and existing controls.
  • Reduce risks presented by work-related infections alongside all other risks, ensuring the protection of your people, brand and license to operate.

Industrial Hygiene

  • The comprehensive Industrial Hygiene module enables the anticipation of health risks and monitoring of effective controls.
  • Classify worker exposure to SARS-CoV-2 to determine and align your transition with worker risks and exposures.
  • Create and manage similar exposure group (SEG) management for managing high-risk employees and infection exposure.
  • Evaluate required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) based on worker risk exposure – Ensure correct PPE is available.

Management of Change

  • Plan for the safe restart of site assets and equipment including restart procedures, equipment maintenance audits, and pre-start checks.
  • Plan for the reconfiguration of workplaces, staggered shifts and other organizational changes.

Action Management and Document Management

  • Review and update your health and safety plan;
  • Communicate and share your return to workplace plan to workers
  • Develop action plans and hold people accountable. Track action completion to ensure sites can re-open safely.

Audit Management

  • Develop and deploy site pre-start assessments and readiness audits before reintroducing workers to a facility.
  • Record any findings, non-conformance and actions. Track completion before workers are back on the premises.
  • Tailor Audit templates to support regional and specific facility needs.
Do phase of covid plan


Ensure continuous focus on the safety, health and well-being of your workforce for increased resilience and productivity

Checks & Surveys

  • Develop and implement employee health screening process to identify potential COVID-19 infections before recommencing work.
  • Allow workers to undertake self-checks to identify and remediate risks early.
  • Distribute information and documents related to COVID-19 and, record receipt and understanding of the information.
GRC Training

Travel Log and Meeting Management

  • Mobile-ready for fast logging of any travels and any persons you have been in contact with.
  • Automatic notifications and reminders support the safe movements of workers.
  • Record contacts with internal and external parties to support contact tracing if any COVID-19 cases are identified.

Chemicals Register

  • Maintain an easily accessible and up-to-date register of all chemicals stored and used in the workplace.
  • Assess new hazardous chemicals required for cleaning of workplaces and share associated SDS.

Competency & Training Management

  • Develop training on fundamentals of health & safety in the next normal, including new sanitization practice, PPE usage, hazard identification and risk assessment.
  • Schedule, track and understand completion and engagement metrics around training programs.
  • Identify training gaps and undertake a needs analysis to upskill and train workers quickly for new roles.

Contractor Safety Management

  • Risk assess your supply chain (undertaking appropriate pre-qualification for new relationships) and engage with contractor companies and workers to ensure they are appropriately responding to and managing COVID-19 risks.
  • Provide contractors access with information and tools to facilitate engagement and real-time data collection.
  • Monitor and manage the safety performance of contractors.

Hazard Management

  • Mobile ready module to record hazards in the workplace.
  • Simple and easy to use to notify responsible persons of new hazards that may cause outbreaks
  • Assign controls and actions to reduce risks

Permit to Work

  • Approve and monitor work at facilities, and know who is working where at any point in time.
  • Pre and post work task checklists that include COVID-19 specific checks ensure tasks are done and completed safely, with no risk to other workers.


Stay informed and continually review risks and performance in your new normal

Audits & Inspections

  • Develop site cleaning guides and frequency, especially for heavy usage/ high traffic areas. Facilitate and simplify the tracking of sanitizing and cleaning tasks at the site, department and workstation level.
  • Implement and record COVID-19 inspections to ensure compliance with new requirements. Assign and track actions to prevent outbreaks.
  • Continue to undertake and record all other inspections
  • Plan, schedule and assign regular internal audits to review the new normal. Record non-conformances, findings and actions.

Occupational Health

  • Support worker ergonomics at home and in the workplace
  • Maintain respirator-fit-testing in the wake of supply chain disruptions.
  • Securely capture and maintain health records to enhance risk assessments and method statements.
  • Monitor the health of at-risk workers, and apply controls early.

Checks & Surveys

  • Monitor workers’ health through self-certification.
  • Undertake safety and wellness checks.
  • Support the understanding of new or updated policies and processes.
  • Send information on new procedures and request an attestation.
  • Check understanding of new hazards and risks.
  • Perform other assessments relevant during COVID-19 and beyond.

Behavior Based Safety

  • A mobile-ready module to communicate, reinforce and monitor desired behaviours.
  • Easily configure to meet requirements during and post COVID-19


Respond quickly and efficiently.
Make informed data based decisions and stay agile

COVID-19 Case

  • Symptom-checker allows workers to self-assess and report potential cases.
  • Track and manage exposure to COVID-19.
  • Support contact tracing efforts to manage the risk of infection clusters and the spread of COVID-19, screening potentially infected workers.
  • Reminders ensure regular contact with infected workers.
  • Assign actions for proper sanitizing of workplaces and equipment following suspected COVID exposure to prevent further spread.

Incident Management

  • Over and above COVID-19 cases, capture and manage all EHS incidents, injuries and illnesses.
  • Undertake investigations to find gaps, correct them quickly to prevent future occurrences.
  • Access information required for efficient and timely regulatory reporting

Injury & Illness Management

  • Develop, maintain and track the progress of return to work plans, including suitability for duty and restrictions
  • Capture time-stamped log of case notes and any medical certificates.
  • Track workers compensation costs

Business Intelligence

  • Access interactive & drill-through dashboards for consolidated insights of the new normal at the site level or company-wide.
  • Monitor COVID-19 Cases, Action Completion, Worker Engagement and Well-being.
  • Analyze results of Audits and Inspections, ad-hoc checks and surveys to understand where improvements are required.

Where To Start?
Build A Business Case.

Organizations may have found that they went into the pandemic with disparate or manual systems or even spreadsheets. Some may have been making do with a legacy solution that was not fit for purpose anymore, and others may have been concerned about the cost of software and mobile solution.

Remember as the external environment changes, your needs change. The benefit is SAI360 is that you get a fully comprehensive EHS and Operational Risk solution that can address your pandemic needs and as you journey to the next normal.

We’re proud to offer a leading out-of-the-box solution, priced according to your company size and rapidly deployed through FastStart implementation. This facilitates the most competitive ROI on the market, and you can be up and running in a matter of weeks.



The Playbook Details the Following:

  • Reasons to invest in EHS software now
  • The challenges currently facing organizations when it
    comes to health and safety risk management
  • How technology can help address these challenges
  • Guidance to help you justify the project internally


SAI360 for EHS and Operational Risk is relied on by global businesses from diverse industries. At times like these it’s important to hear from EHS professionals, like you who have been in a strong position to adapt to the unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19.


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