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Data Privacy, GDPR & CCPA

Stay ahead of increasing data privacy regulations and maintain your customers’ trust. SAI360 makes data privacy compliance scalable and sustainable with modern scenario-based training, tools that automate your strategies and documentation to infuse data protection across your organization.

Unify your data protection activities into a single view

  • Access a consolidated view of activities across your organization including business impact assessments and results
  • Register all services that involve personal data processing and related systems and vendors using a step-by-step wizard
  • Organize data privacy compliance records in a centralized database for easy monitoring

Simplify your documentation and reporting

  • Automatically document data breaches based on customizable criteria and generate data breach audit trails
  • Respond to breaches within 72 hours and notify data subjects with a pre-configured incident response workflow
  • Access preconfigured reports such as data flow maps, giving you quick insights into problem areas and the overall status of your program

Customize and automate workflows to meet your specific needs

  • Configure revision/approval workflows for policy management
  • Customize workflow rules to automate responses to breaches and other security incidents
  • Create new or customize preconfigured workflows to categorize, centralize and manage data requests

Explore all capabilities
Data Protection Impact Assessment
Maximize scarce resources with built-in assessments and surveys to understand what services require a full DPIA and execute Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) surveys only to the services that require one.
Data Privacy Regulatory Compliance Portal
Drive compliance by organizing every important record for data privacy compliance in an organizational structure that allows easy monitoring of progression and accountability.
Data Privacy Incident & Breach Management
Leverage an automated system to document data breaches, respond to breaches within 72 hours and automatically generate an audit trail with a pre-configured ticket system specifically for recording and managing breaches.
Data Privacy Policy Management
Ensure accountability with a configurable library of up-to-date data privacy policies that you can easily locate and distribute to your organization and end users.
Correspondence Register
Demonstrate robust data protection strategies by capturing exchanges between regulators and internal/external stakeholders in a central evidence register.
Subject Rights Management
Triage data subject requests with customizable workflows to categorize, centralize and manage next steps.
GDPR & CCPA Compliance
Keep up with proliferating privacy laws. Build off your GDPR compliance to address new and evolving data privacy regulations including California's CCPA, Australia's NDB, Singapore's PDPA, Brazil's LGPD and more.
Dashboard & Analytics
Utilize pre-configured reports that consolidate the risk posture with slicing and dicing capabilities. The pre-configured interactive dashboards provide analytics on the data generated from your data privacy activities and workflows.

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