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SAI360 Cloud – Built to Deliver Scale, Security, and Agility

We are pioneers in cloud-based risk and compliance solutions.

We have over a decade of experience supporting hundreds of customers across healthcare, financial services and other highly regulated global industries during which we set the bar for cloud-based best practices with our SAI360 cloud architecture, cloud operations, data security, data privacy and resiliency innovations.

We partner with leading data center providers and public cloud providers with state-of-the-art data centers, so that our SAI360 cloud solutions are agile, flexible, scalable, secure, reliable and redundant and architected with the highest compliance and up-time standards.

The benefits of SAI360’s cloud include:

  • Fast deployment – The SAI360 cloud is ready to go, enabling quick implementation time for your solution and removing the need to wait on procuring your on premise hardware along with any other IT bottlenecks
  • Limitless access – SAI360 solutions are always on, designed to be accessed over the internet securely, anywhere in the world, supported by our global cloud infrastructure, world-class cloud partner network and built-in redundancy and resiliency
  • Reduced up-front costs – Pay for the solutions you need to get started, without the major up-front investment in software licenses, hardware and IT resources of on-prem solutions
  • Seamless scalability – As your business needs grow with system usage or new users, we’re built to seamlessly scale infrastructure resources up to meet your capacity and performance requirements
  • Maintenance-free – System maintenance, administration, upgrades, backups, and disaster recovery are managed by us within the SAI360 cloud, removing the burden of applying critical system patches, resolving server and disk failure and managing backups and recovery
  • Better security – Within the SAI360 cloud, we performed detailed, continuous vulnerability scanning, virus scanning and intrusion prevention. Our restrictive firewall policies for perimeter defense and multi-tiered architecture provides multiple segregated security zones for maximum data protection from external or internal attacks. All systems are housed in ISO27001 certified data centers.

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