The Most Dreaded Four-Letter Business Word is Risk



As a child, I'd look over my shoulder, making sure no parents were around before I uttered a four-letter word among my friends, eliciting a chuckle.  As a working adult, I suspect many look over their shoulders for a roaming risk or compliance officer before saying the word 'risk.'


It's often considered a taboo word. Bad. Downside. Negative. But it doesn't have to be.  It's mired in negativity because along with it typically comes poor outcomes, like losses, missed opportunities, or worse.  But what's the real reason? Is it because of risk?  Or is it because of a lack of preparedness around risk?


Simple answers for simple questions

Today, when we want simple answers, we use Google, Bing, or even Alexa. Peck out or shout out a question (“What's the weather like today?” , “By how many points did the New England Patriots win?”), and our digital friends chirp us an answer.  Simple questions, simple answers.


But when questions are more nuanced and complex, these sources fail. Complex questions aren't suited for algorithms, they're suited for people. In times like this, I head to Quora. I can ask it those nuanced and complex questions that get answered by humans, who are often experts on the matter at hand.


We need a Quora for the C-Suite

As you well know, juggling multiple high-risk decisions in the executive boardroom of a company is no match for Alexa or Bing.  We need something better. We need Quora. We need our own Quora. Thankfully, we've done the heavy lifting and assembled something like a 'Quora for risk in the C-Suite' here. For you.

We convened a panel of four risk and compliance experts and volleyed thirteen questions at them, spanning multiple aspects of risk across an organization. Their executive-level presence and experience positioned them well to take on these challenging questions. Why these questions? Because we know these are the questions being asked behind closed doors in board rooms and on retreats. We know these are the complex questions with no clear-cut answer (otherwise, you'd use Google!). And we know that true business leaders don't shoot from the hip – they seek counsel and advice to make sound decisions.  


Click here now to read our “What Does Risk Mean to The C-Suite of The Company?” eBook and learn from their wisdom. Take in their counsel, and reflect on the challenges that lay ahead of you. You'll be glad you did.


Now lean closer – I've got another four-letter word to teach you … 



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