SAI360 Fun Train: Gifts and Hospitality

  • Live webinar: Tuesday, Feb. 9 at 2 PM ET (U.S. only) 

SAI Global will be hosting a Compliance 360 FunTrain event on Tuesday, Feb. 9 at 2:00 PM Eastern Time that reviews and demonstrates the benefits of the Gifts and Hospitality module.  This module allows an organization and its users to:

  • Document gifts that have already been given or received, especially to and from individuals outside your organization after a holiday season.
  • Preview the impact of future gift-giving by accessing one’s gift limit balance.
  • Create a batch of gift records for multiple employees at one time.
  • Set up automatic gift approval if the value of the gift is within available gift limits.
  • Allow authorized users to check balances of individuals within your organization.
  • Customize email notifications and instructions pertaining to batch gift submissions.
  • Leverage reporting of gift submissions and gift limit balances.

Fundamental training or FunTrain events for our customers are hosted by SAI Global to highlight the application during a one hour, recorded session. Please submit questions to our panel during the event and we'll provide receive real-time responses as time permits.

Please register to join our webinar on Feb. 9:



Registration notes:

  • This event is for current Compliance 360 clients only.
  • No personal email addresses will be accepted.
  • While you may forward this email to others within your organization, please do not forward this email outside your organization.
  • Registration closes at 12:00 PM ET on the day of the event.  
  • Once you register you will receive emails from the email address [email protected].  Please make sure these emails do not get caught in your Junk mailbox.
  • If you are not able to attend, we will be recording the session, and it will be within Help as part of a future update.  

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