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SAI Global Strengthens Commitment to Animal Welfare in the UK with Introduction of Pet Boarding Scheme


SAI Global is delighted to announce the addition of a 'Pet Boarding Scheme' to their portfolio of pet sector assurance schemes.

Premier independent assurance business, SAI Global is currently the only certification business to offer industry assurance schemes for the pet sector.  

Introduction of the new Pet Boarding Scheme serves to reaffirm SAI Global's commitment to animal welfare by ensuring the highest possible level of care is delivered to domesticated pets at verified boarding houses.  

"As pet owners begin to see the benefits of using verified boarding care and start to demand more from providers, we expect the Pet Boarding Scheme will contribute towards helping raise service and quality of care standards across the industry. With licencing standards differing across local authorities within the UK, the scheme will ensure a more consistent outcome for pets in care and provide owners with peace of mind their pets are being treated safely and kindly."

Anne Scorey

Regional Director of Operations for EMEA

SAI Global supports a wide variety of businesses to improve their animal welfare standards.  The company has two successful pet welfare quality assurance schemes already operating in the United Kingdom; the Grooming Gold Standard and the Pet Retailer.

Two levels of certification are available under the new Pet Boarding Scheme; a basic quality assurance level and, for those going above and beyond in terms of service deliverables, a Gold Standard level.  Businesses achieving certification earn the right to use SAI Global's 'five ticks' standards mark which SAI Global owns.  

From a reputational perspective, certification provides a business's customers with confidence in the quality and safety of the service; when customers trust a company's services, it helps secure their ongoing business sustainability. Only clients certified by SAI Global are able to display these highly regarded standard marks, providing them with a competitive edge over non-certified operators.

In addition to the reputational benefits participating in SAI Global's Pet Boarding Scheme provides, the certification auditing process is designed to further support pet boarding businesses by:

  • Demonstrating dedication to pet care to meet customer expectations for a caring, clean, safe and skilled service;
  • Identifying opportunities to streamline internal operations, reducing time needed to perform activities, decreasing waste, reducing procurement costs and increasing productivity;
  • Ensuring all legal and regulatory operational obligations are met;
  • Identifying and mitigating risks and areas for possible improvement within the business,
  • Improving quality and safety of services provided; both for pets and employees. 

To join the scheme, an annual audit of a pet boarding business is undertaken which includes a mix of onsite observation, staff interviews and paperwork checks bench-marked against set requirements. 

For more information about SAI Global's Pet Boarding Scheme or to speak to an advisor, call 01908 249950 or find out more about our Pet Industry services on our website.