SAI Global Colouring Book for Compliance Officers


Keeping calm and thinking clearly in the high-pressured compliance industry is essential, but juggling competing demands in our world’s constantly evolving regulatory landscape can make this challenging. To remain effective, self-care is essential.

SAI Global, a leading provider of governance, risk and compliance learning and software solutions has just announced a new colouring book initiative to support compliance professionals be more effective in their roles through self-care and mindfulness.  

Working closely with compliance professionals in a vast number of industries, and through attendance at events across the world, SAI Global has observed firsthand the impact stress has on clients. 

From healthcare to automotive manufacturing, food production to financial services, the risks each industry faces may vary and require unique approaches but one thing is constant; being a compliance professional is stressful.  A poll of compliance officers in 2012 by the Health Care Compliance Association revealed 58% of compliance officers were so stressed they reported waking in the middle of the night in a state of anxiety.

SAI Global's new compliance colouring book seeks to shine a light on the importance of battling burnout and managing stress by promoting self-care.

"Solving complex ethics and compliance issues often requires out-of-the-box, creative thinking and this is more difficult when you’re stressed. Our hope for SAI Global’s Compliance Colouring Book is that, if used regularly, it will not only help manage stress but it will also help compliance officers take a creative approach to resolving complex ethical issues to achieve better outcomes for their companies."

Paula Davis

SAI Global’s VP for Learning Product Strategy

With gift store and book shop shelves lined with colouring books, evidence suggests it isn't just compliance officers who turn to coloring books when they need to unwind. Reports from Medical Daily, CNN, and Huffington Post reveal that colouring can be a legitimate therapeutic tactic to help battle anxiety, relax and unlock creative parts of the brain.

SAI Global's colouring book contains 13 original illustrations based on common themes and risks that ethics and compliance professionals deal with on a regular basis. It is printed, bound, and completely free to anyone who wants a copy, simply by visiting SAI Global's website.

The new compliance colouring book initiative is an extension of Compliance Officer Day which SAI Global launched in 2016 to shine a light on the contribution compliance professionals make.  During a Compliance Day webinar self-care was discussed and SAI Global asked participants what they did to combat stress and battle burnout; a number reported they use adult colouring books. SAI Global's new compliance focused colouring book provides them with a free, industry-relevant alternative. 

Click here to order a free copy of SAI Global's new Compliance Colouring Book or download one here.


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