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Latke’s daily walk and infinite loop podcast

A podcast that’s helped me gain perspective is…

Very soon after the lockdown occurred, I stopped going to my local gym.  I needed a place to exercise and my dog Latke (Dorky Terrier) needed to have his daily constitutional. Initially, we went for a 15-minute walk in the afternoon once the sun went down and we eventually met our stretch goal of 3 miles daily.

Although I have been recording a weekly podcast over the past 4 years (This Week in the FCPA) with my colleague Tom Fox, I never really made the time to listen to other podcasts. Sometimes I listened in my car during school drop-off and pick-up. As I grew to appreciate my daily Latke walks, I started to develop a weekly podcast listening line-up.

Monday –  Free catch-up day

Tuesday – Café Insider with Preet Bharara (https://cafe.com/insider/home/)

Patriots Unfiltered (https://www.patriots.com/audio/unfiltered-podcast-archive )

Wednesday – LRC Presents: All the President’s Lawyers (https://www.kcrw.com/news/shows/lrc-presents-all-the-presidents-lawyers )

Thursday – Stay Tuned with Preet (https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/preetbharara)

Patriots Unfiltered (https://www.patriots.com/audio/unfiltered-podcast-archive )

Friday – Left, Right & Center (https://www.kcrw.com/news/shows/left-right-center )

Not day-of-the-week specific:

So I went from not really being a dog walker to cherishing my daily loops with Latke. It was not something I was planning to do. And as I have grown to love my daily Latke walks and I must say I enjoyed them even more, once I purchased my first iPhone and changed from Spotify to Apple Podcasts!

Jay Rosen, CCEP, VP of Business Development
Affiliated Monitors, Inc. 



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