How to Measure Compliance Effectiveness: Webinar

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How do you know if your Compliance Program is effective? 

That answer has changed a lot over the past two decades. Updates to the healthcare industry, regulatory environment, and technology, coupled with changes in expectations by the OIG, DOJ, and other governmental authorities have left many organizations unclear on what it means to have an effective program. Whether your program is developing or mature, it is essential to understand if it is effective and meeting today’s evolving expectations. 

The OIG’s recently released resource guide titled “Measuring Compliance Program Effectiveness: A Resource Guide” provides a useful framework for all organizations who are seeking ideas around “what to measure” and “how to measure” when it comes to evaluating their programs.
As part of our “Measuring Compliance Program Effectiveness” webinar series, our next event will show how the Compliance 360 platform helps you measure program effectiveness for the Element 6: Discipline for Non-Compliance.
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