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Greetings and encouragement to my Italian and foreign colleagues

One thing I’ve learned through 2020 has been…

Best wishes to those who, like me, have a role in the field of corporate and institutional compliance, given that September 26, the anniversary of Saints Cosmas and Damian, I discovered to be Compliance Officer Day.

It is very challenging to have to translate and mediate such a complex and articulated universe on a daily basis, bringing it back into simple and effective concepts to an audience that sometimes neglects the risks and consequences of superficial and approximate behaviors during the performance of their tasks.

A greeting and an encouragement therefore to all Italian and foreign colleagues to continue to work with attention and motivation, especially in these times made even more complex by the pandemic. As well as an invitation to the rest of the corporate and institutional population, to look with renewed interest at the respect for the rules, a fixed point at the heart of everyone's commitment.

Sandro Severoni



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