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Watch Risk Management Tips to Help Your Organization Succeed

Scott Cogan Headshot
Scott Cogan

Vice President, Global Channels & Alliances

Scott Cogan
Norman Marks
Norman Marks

Risk Management and Internal Audit thought leader

Norman Marks

On-Demand Webinar

In today’s business landscape, the path to organizational success is paved with informed decision-making, goal achievement, and adherence to regulatory requirements. Effective risk management is the driving force behind these accomplishments.

Watch this enlightening webinar, “Risk Management Tips for Organizational Success,” where we explore how robust risk management practices can be your organization’s greatest ally. Our speakers, Risk Management expert Norman Marks and Scott Cogan, SVP from SAI360, will guide you through the essential principles and actionable tips to empower your organization to navigate uncertainty and seize opportunities.

This Webinar will Cover:

1. Defining Organizational Objectives: Identify what is crucial to your organization and its objectives to prioritize risk management efforts effectively
2. Navigating SEC Disclosure Rules: Gain insights into determining materiality according to the new SEC disclosure rules, ensuring your organization complies with regulatory requirements
3. Dynamic Risk Assessment: Recognize that risks to achieving your objectives are ever-changing and discover strategies to adapt proactively
4. Value-Driven Risk Management: Understand how risk management can add value to your organization beyond compliance and protection
5. Balancing Risk and Opportunity: Explore the concept that every decision involves risk and opportunity and how to strike the right balance
6. Equipping Decision-Makers: Learn how to provide internal decision-makers with the information they need to make informed choices
7. Assessing Upside and Downside: Delve into methods for assessing both potential benefits and adverse outcomes when evaluating risks
8. Meeting Decision-Maker Needs: Discuss the specific needs of decision-makers and how effective risk management can address those needs

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