Watch 2024 HIPAA Compliance Survey Results

Natalie S. Lesnick

Consultant, Strategic Management Services

Robbi-Lynn Watnik

Senior Consultant, Strategic Management Services

In this webinar, Strategic Management Services and SAI360 present results from the 3rd Annual HIPAA Compliance Survey. The survey was designed to address the structure, status and progress of HIPAA Privacy Programs in today’s healthcare industry.

This webinar on-demand features a discussion by Strategic Management Services’ Robbi-Lynn Watnik and Natalie Lesnick on best practices and improvements based on information gleaned from the survey results.

Specific areas addressed through the Survey include:

  • Demographics
  • Design and management of your HIPAA Privacy Program
  • HIPAA compliance education and training
  •  HIPAA investigations
  • Breach management and audits
  • Interactions with regulatory enforcement

Robbi-Lynn Watnik is an attorney licensed in Maryland and is Certified in Healthcare Privacy Compliance. She has over 35 years of experience in health care policy, with a special focus on health care compliance and privacy over the last 25 years.

Natalie Lesnick is an attorney licensed in Ohio and is Certified in Healthcare Compliance and Healthcare Privacy Compliance. She specializes in research and analysis of Medicare and Medicaid program rules and federal health care regulations, including HIPAA and the Affordable Care Act.

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