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The Uncertain Certainty of Systemic Risk (and How to Outrun the Gray Rhino)

Webinar March 31: The Uncertain Certainty of Systemic Risk

Systemic risks are external risks that can have a cascade-like impact on a market, industry, or business. Businesses frequently overlook them because they can seem far away, the risk-equivalent of a rumbling in the hills.

But in the last few years, COVID, climate events, political instability, and social dynamics have highlighted the impact of systemic risks, and the need for executives and risk professionals to understand and mitigate various short-term and long-term when reviewing enterprise risk. 

In this webinar, SAI360’s Jamie Walsh and guest speaker Forrester’s Renee Murphy will review four key systemic risks for organizations to keep top-of-mind for 2022. Focusing on practical approaches that management and risk teams can take to evaluate certain systemic risks, Jamie and Renee will share insights on:

  • How to frame and understand systemic risks and relate them to enterprise risk
  • Why data integrity is your organization’s most considerable systemic risk
  • The impact of geopolitical fluctuations in today’s interconnected world
  • Values-based consumers and how to mitigate reputational risk, social shaming and boycotts
  • Supply chain – today’s physical and digital supply chains and best practices to manage third parties

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