The Modern Approach to Global Conflicts of Interest

With organizations always looking to scale, the interactions between staff, vendors, and deals become multifaceted. These interactions pose a significant risk due to potential unethical decision-making when conflicts of interest arise. To mitigate these risks, organizations are expected to have robust policies in place that cultivate trust and transparency for stakeholders. Failing to do so can have vast repercussions when it comes to reputation, integrity, investors and the many regulations set in place globally.

In this eBook, we delve into the multifarious aspects of conflicts of interest and touch on the relevant regulations you need to consider. We will uncover the inherent risks, the intricacies, and subsequently illustrate the solution to managing these challenges.

In this eBook, we will share our top tips and discuss:

  • The types of conflicts and the consequences of failing to disclose them.
  • Relevant global regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, UK Bribery Act, Fair Work Act and more, along with noteworthy examples of failure to comply.
  • The solution to managing conflicts of interest and how to begin your path to success.

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