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The Essential GRC Glossary for Business Decision-Makers

In today’s fast-evolving business landscape, the necessity for a comprehensive ethics, governance, risk, and compliance strategy is undeniable.  

As a decision-maker, whether you’re a risk manager, compliance officer, or an IT security specialist—your grasp of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) terminology—whether weak or strong—can profoundly influence your organization’s decision to invest in software and training tools designed to maximize your efforts.  

Key GRC Terms to Know: 

Risk Management 

Identifying and controlling organizational threats. The backbone of GRC, risk management is about understanding and controlling threats to your organization’s capital and earnings. 


Adherence to laws and standards. But compliance is also about creating an organizational culture that values ethical and legal conduct. 


The systems, processes, and policies used to make decisions, exercise authority, and manage an organization or entity. Ultimately, governance ensures people have accountability and communicate and operate with fairness and transparency with their stakeholders. It’s not just a framework but is about steering your company towards resilience and strategic success. 


Environmental, Social & Governance responsibility practices. Beyond an ongoing trend, many have considered merely another to-do list item to achieve, it’s now become about shaping an innovative strategic approach to sustainable and responsible business practices. 

IT Risk & Cybersecurity 

Managing digital threats and vulnerabilities. In an age of digital threats, managing IT and cyber risks is crucial for safeguarding your organization’s future. 

Analytics Dashboards & Metrics 

Digital interfaces that display key performance indicators and metrics. With them, you can leverage visual tools like charts and graphs to translate information into actionable insights. Like a springboard for deeper insight into the health and performance of your entire GRC ecosystem. 

Integrated Risk Management 

A comprehensive framework for managing an organization’s broad spectrum of potential risks. Management of risks involves a holistic and coordinated risk management approach where you align strategies across various departments to effectively and efficiently identify, assess, respond to, and monitor risks in a unified and timely manner.  

Third-Party Risk Management 

The process of identifying, assessing, and controlling risks presented by external entities to an organization. Knowledge of this is essential for maintaining the integrity and security of your supply chain and business partnerships. 

Operational Efficiency 

This is about how you deliver goods and services—are you doing so in a way that is both cost-effective and drives customer satisfaction? It entails using resources, like time and money, smartly to cut down on waste and get better results. Success here is directly linked to how effectively your GRC processes are managed and optimized. 

Corporate Culture 

Shared beliefs, attitudes, and practices that characterize and shape an organization from the inside out. A reflection of your governance and compliance values, shaping every decision and action within your organization. 

Leveraging SAI360 for Strategic GRC Management 

SAI360 is not just a GRC solution. It’s a strategic enabler for your organization. It allows for seamless integration of GRC processes, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making. By choosing SAI360, you’re not just complying with regulations. You’re also empowering your organization to stay ahead of risks, manage compliance more effectively, and foster a culture that values ethical conduct and sustainable practices. 

Here are just a few benefits: 

  • SAI360’s highly configurable workflow engine streamlines and adapts to your unique operational needs 
  • SAI360 is a fully integrated risk management platform 
  • SAI360 can help organizations enhance this with automated alerts and email notifications, keeping you continuously informed 
  • SAI360 offers a real-time reporting engine integrated with Microsoft Power BI for enhanced data analysis 

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