Securing Third-Party Risk During COVID-19: Michael Rasmussen & Paul Johns

Continuing the Risk & Compliance Conversation with Michael Rasmussen

A company’s ecosystem of suppliers, vendors, partners and clients is instrumental to its success. How do you ensure these complex relationships do not become your organization’s biggest weakness as we emerge from this global crisis?

Michael Rasmussen, GRC Pundit of GRC 20/20, and Paul Johns, EVP & CMO of SAI Global, discuss: 

  • What are the key Third-Party Risk Management challenges and opportunities facing teams during COVID-19?
  • How have we seen organizations shift in creative ways to handle the challenges?
  • How should third-party risks across different business functions and vendors be managed to ensure overall resilience?
  • How can you ensure your third-party network is prepared for the next unforeseen event?


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