SAI Global Introduces EthicsAnywhere

Ethics & Compliance learning solution removes traditional barriers to learning engagement by delivering personalized mobile-ready experiences

SAI Global, a recognized leader of Integrated Risk Management solutions, today introduced EthicsAnywhere™, a suite of innovative solutions and technology with an advanced campaign-based approach to how people learn, empowering organizations to promote ethical behavior change across their business.

Embedding a risk-aware culture to prevent breaches, or provide mitigation in the event of enforcement action by regulators, requires persistence and accountability, and supporting the right behaviors through a modern approach to organizational learning. Where training was once considered good enough, expectations have evolved, and so too have the employees consuming learning experiences. We now know more about the modern employee thanks to data and behavioral science; when and where we work is changing and that impacts how we consume information and accomplish our goals.

At the intersection of learning methodology and modern technology, EthicsAnywhere represents a flexible, learner-centric approach to helping organizations change behavior around key risk areas. By delivering personalized mobile-ready experiences that make it easier for employees to consumer content at any time, where they are, EthicsAnywhere removes traditional barriers around consumption and engagement. It also creates new opportunities for data measurement, analysis, and reporting so you can evolve beyond traditional training programs to demonstrate effectiveness. Features include:   

  • Drive learning experiences that are designed to meet 'interactivity' requirements around employee participation, and built to be modern, engaging web-based learning experiences that can also be taken on mobile-devices.
  • Create specific, customized and adaptive learning experiences for employees based on their geographic location with profiling capabilities, whether they manage people, and other role-based responsibilities.
  • Deliver powerful and flexible data analytics and reporting with capabilities that allow Chief Compliance Officers and HR teams to measure participation and performance on an individual and organizational level.   

"With heightened accountability and attention on sexual harassment, data privacy and cyber security training, just to name a few examples, organizations are looking to shake-up traditional training techniques, most of which are outdated, obsolete and in large part, do not address how people learn. By implementing modern, innovative creative solutions for E&C learning and training, organizations can demonstrate value to learners, stakeholders, and regulators but ultimately empower their employees and nurture an organization-wide culture of respect and civility."

Rebecca Turco

VP Learning at SAI Global

As the largest provider of ethics and compliance learning content, SAI Global offers over 600 courses covering 20+ risk topics including GDPR traininggamified information security learning experiences, and an AB 1825 compliant suite of sexual harassment training and communications bundles. EthicsAnywhere also features content designed to satisfy new “interactivity” requirements around sexual harassment training in New York State – where the deadline to train all staff is October 1, 2019 – and Delaware, as an addition to their existing offering for employees in California, Connecticut, Maine, and Virgin Islands.

EthicsAnywhere is a foundational element of the SAI360 integrated risk and compliance solution launched by SAI Global in September 2018. A 'next generation' suite of solutions, SAI360 enables organizations to manage and access operational and strategic compliance obligations as part of a robust risk management program.

For more information about these new E&C training and communication tools and how your organization can use them, visit our website.

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