Reputation Risk: Where Everyone Knows Your Name


A conversation about reputational risk, with Paul Johns and Scott McCleskey

SAI Global's Chief Marketing Officer, Paul Johns, recently spoke with Scott McCleskey, the SVP at Eukleia Training Limited about his op-ed article on Reuters titled The Pope, Adam Smith, and Donald Trump, exploring the global state of regulation, deregulation, and the economy. They discuss further the continually changing ethics and compliance landscape, its relationship to reputation, and the role social media plays in a modern organization today.

Paul Johns: “How does a company define their 'moral compass?' How can we do the right things while still satisfying shareholders?”

(listen to Scott's response)


Paul: “How do you do balance between doing the right thing, and getting the kind of outcome that you've got pressure to create? What's the optimal 'value creation' balance for the business?”  

(listen to Scott's response)


Paul: “It feels if you're a CEO or head of compliance in a corporation today, you are walking a tight rope, with customers on one end and shareholders on the other. What's your advice for how best-in-class companies can do all those things in the right way?” 

(listen to Scott's response)

Among the many topics Scott and Paul discussed, they highlighted that it can be difficult for organizations to stay in control with what seems like a new threat emerging every day. A strategy to address risks around harassment, bullying, and information security starts with an organization's values, culture, and policies. To modernize your Code of Conduct and address those topics in a new, more accessible way, we've introduced the new Living Code. It's a completely customizable microsite for your Code of Conduct.

SAI Global is here to help you on your journey and equip you with the knowledge and knowhow to continue to put your best foot forward and prosper.


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