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Regulatory Change Management: What’s on the Horizon?

Reg Change Management SpeakersWhat regulatory areas are experiencing the most change and what innovations could make managing regulatory change less challenging?

With legislation updates coming in frequently across the globe every day, organizations that are unable to adhere to them run the risk of long-term damage to their reputation, receiving large fines and more. The best way to mitigate these risks is to ensure your company is aware of any upcoming regulatory changes and to understand what impact they will have on your operation.

In this on-demand webinar hosted by RegTech Associates, we explore what are some of the most significant upcoming regulatory changes in the UK, Europe, and the US and the importance of accountability in the management of regulatory changes.

  • What regulatory areas are experiencing the most change today and in the near future?
  • Are any of these areas more complex to manage than others and if so, why?
  • What is the interaction between managing regulatory change and various accountability regimes such as the SMCR in the UK and SEAR in Ireland?
  • What innovations – regulatory, technological, operational – would make the challenge of managing regulatory change less difficult?

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