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NIS2 Directive: Three Things to Know

With digital transformation accelerating at an unprecedented rate, the need for robust cybersecurity measures has never been more critical.  

Recognizing this, the European Union (EU) has updated its cybersecurity strategy via the NIS2 Directive. This Directive—representing a significant leap in the EU’s efforts to enhance cybersecurity across the board—aims to provide a higher level of cybersecurity across the EU by extending requirements and improving security measures and incident response capabilities among Member States. 

NIS2 Directive cybersecurity

As organizations gear up for the full implementation of the Directive in October of 2024, future emphasis will be about building a resilient, secure, and collaborative digital ecosystem across the EU.  

Here are three things to know about this Directive: 

1. NIS2 Will Expand Cybersecurity Obligations Across New Sectors

At the heart of the NIS2 Directive is the expansion of the EU’s cybersecurity rules. These rules include new sectors and entities that are vital to the economy and society. This broadening scope encompasses sectors like energy, transportation, water, banking, financial market infrastructures, healthcare, and digital infrastructure.  

The Directive mandates that businesses identified as operators of essential services within these sectors, along with key digital service providers like search engines, cloud computing services, and online marketplaces, adhere to stringent security measures. And that they notify national authorities of serious incidents. 

2. NIS2 Will Impose Stricter Reporting and Security Protocols

A cornerstone of the NIS2 Directive is the emphasis on Member States’ preparedness and cooperation. The Directive requires Member States to be well-equipped with necessary resources. These resources include a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) and a competent national authority on network and information systems (NIS).  

The idea is to foster a more collaborative environment by establishing a Cooperation Group to support strategic cooperation and facilitate the exchange of information among Member States.  

3. NIS2 Will Enhance EU-wide Cybersecurity Cooperation and Preparedness

The NIS2 Directive aims to instill a culture of security across sectors that are heavily reliant on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). By obligating operators of essential services and digital service providers to implement appropriate security measures and report significant incidents, the Directive nurtures a proactive approach to cybersecurity. This shift towards a security-centric culture is pivotal in safeguarding the EU’s digital infrastructure and, by extension, its economy and society from cyber threats. 

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