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Strengthening Internal Controls in a Remote Work Era

Live webinar: Thursday, June 6th

Time: 10am ET | 3pm BST | 4pm CET

Join us as we partner with the PRMIA to delve into the strategies and insights essential for fortifying your organization’s internal controls amidst the shift to remote work. In today’s dynamic environment, maintaining robust internal controls is paramount.

Upcoming developments such as the SEC’s Cybersecurity Rules & the EU’s Cybersecurity Act are another example of how internal controls need to align with business controls and overall risk management. A new challenge for this is ensuring these controls continue to be effective with many staff working from home or not in their usual office environment.

This panel will take a look at the latest approaches to an Internal Control program and how strong internal controls create a crucial line of defense against increased cyber and within that area, fraud risk. Touching on another hot topic, the panel will also touch on the importance of supporting an organization’s ESG efforts through data accuracy and transparency for investors. It will allow those attending to stay current on your internal controls competencies.

In this webinar, our panel will discuss:

  • Alignment of internal controls with regulatory changes
  • Challenges of remote work environment
  • Importance of strong internal controls
  • Supporting ESG efforts
  • Staying current on competencies

To register, click here and reserve your spot.

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