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SAI360 Software Release Helps Prepare for the New Normal in a COVID-19 Economy

2020 presented us all with a new set of risks. In just a few months, the COVID-19 pandemic redefined what “risk-readiness” and “operational resilience” means for organizations and forced us all to navigate a truly unprecedented business environment amidst mounting uncertainty.

We are entering a new normal – how to protect the health and safety of your workforce while managing the growing demands on your enterprise security, regulatory obligations, and customer expectations as the pandemic continues to change rapidly.

With more than two-thirds of SAI Global customers providing essential (key) services across healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services and manufacturing, we’ve prioritized our latest software release and learning content in SAI360 to help compliance and risk teams mitigate these COVID-19 response and recovery business challenges.

With a fast track from demo to go-live, SAI360 2020 Release 2 (R2) includes:

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What our customers are saying

We’ve spent the last few months advising companies through their pandemic response with business continuity plans, risk assessments, health and safety checklists, and cloud migration services. The work we’ve done for our customers, as we prepared to launch SAI360 2020 Release 2, led us to develop the Risk Arc, a planning framework that puts the issues most critical at this moment in context as we think about how to prepare businesses for a COVID-19 pivot.

The approach laid out in the Risk Arc demonstrates a thoughtful and methodical path that shows you’re out in front of the problem and that you have a plan. Leadership teams should lay out a path that is operational, technically supported and communicated throughout their businesses. Begin thinking about how changes in the regulatory landscape and new normal operational and resiliency practices will affect your internal process and policies and technology infrastructure.

One thing we’ve heard consistently from our customers is how the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing companies to accelerate digital transformation to support distributed and remote workforces. We’re all forced to think differently, be more agile and in many cases to adapt and innovate to pivot the business. Now is the time to evaluate your current business strategies and whether they’re relevant in this environment and the new normal that is yet to come.

We’re in this together

As the global health crisis evolved into a pandemic earlier this year, SAI Global committed to maintaining a high level of business continuity keeping our software, services and support available to customers around the globe. This commitment continues with SAI360 2020 Release 2. With a geographically dispersed workforce that utilizes a cloud-based architecture model and distributed data center approach, we have been able to continue product innovation without any major service disruptions.

We’ve heard consistently from our customers that the unknown variables surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak meant risk, compliance, health and safety professionals and organizations face numerous challenges including unprecedented business impacts from employee health to disrupted supply chains. While we talk about reopening and recovery, in some cases, you have yet to gauge the full impact and mitigation strategies.

This is why alongside our product release we are announcing the launch of a new Customer Zone, part of our Pandemic Information Center, with support information, learning resources and SAI360 use cases. We are also launching an exclusive customer community. Our hope is that this group will become a source for collaboration and sharing best practices with other risk professionals managing through the COVID-19 crisis.


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