Infographic: 7 Essential Steps for GRC Program Modernization

Transforming and optimizing Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) procedures has emerged as a critical imperative for businesses spanning various sectors.

In today’s rapidly changing digital era, characterized by ever-shifting regulatory environments, cultivating an adaptable and resilient GRC program is imperative for achieving success.

An essential element of revitalizing your GRC program involves selecting the appropriate software vendor and making a choice that harmonizes effortlessly with the distinct needs and objectives of your organization.

Technology assumes a pivotal role in the modernization of a GRC program. An incorrect choice may result in time loss and resource wastage through the utilization of software that does not align with your company’s operations. Conversely, making the right choice can lead to program prosperity, contributing significantly to propelling the organization forward.

Here is a seven-point checklist for those looking for help evaluating software vendors, adapted from a version first published in SAI360’s whitepaper, Modernizing Your GRC Program. 


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